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Joy Multisensory Learning provides individualised literacy support services for children. We specialise in evidence based multi-sensory approaches, to teach reading, writing and spelling skills. Get in touch today to discuss how our teacher can assist your child.

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Multi-sensory learning happens when children are taught through multiple senses; visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This gives the brain multiple ways to make connections to the lesson content.
Instruction is suitable for children with varying abilities, including those with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. Lessons are individually tailored for your child's needs and always structured, direct and cumulative.
Our teacher Rachel, has a Bachelor of Education, has undertaken training in the Multi-sensory Structured Language (MSL) approach as well as being trained in The Sonday System, an Orton Gillingham based program. Rachel is registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Australian Tutoring Association.

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Multisensory Literacy Instruction

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One on one lessons are held in our room within a psychology practice in Boronia, Victoria. Places are limited and run from 10am to 6pm Wednesdays.


Online sessions are now available. All you need is a device with a camera and a microphone. A stable internet connection will also ensure sessions run smoothly. This means sessions can be delivered to your child at home, wherever you live.


Most schools are accommodating and happy to provide a space to work with your child. This works well for children who are responsive to the learning environment at school. It also reduces time away from the class room and travel time.


"Rachel is an amazing tutor. The progress my son has made with her help in only a few months has just been phenomenal! Highly recommend Rachel for any parent whose kids need that extra help."

David. Langwarrin, Vic.

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You can contact Rachel with any questions via phone, email or by completing the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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